The main research and development direction of Sunnymer has been based on vinyl acetate, aiming at biodegradation, developing new polymer materials, and upstream modification around materials.

Application lab

Helping customers to use new materials is one of the essential tasks of our technology centers. They provide professional technical services and solve problems in product use. Customer-tailored pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services have always run through our business activities and communications.

We have constantly

(A) Helped PVC customers test resin quality and optimize polymerization formulations.

(B) Helped downstream aqueous-solution casting-film makers to simulate formulations and improve performance.

(C) Helped downstream hot-melt casting-film makers to simulate formulations and improve performance.

Research and Development

Synthetic materials:

(A) Use batch polymerization and batch hydrolysis techniques to develop the best performing dispersants.

(B) Develop manufacturing technology for downstream special grades of vinyl acetate (VAM).

(C) Develop manufacturing technology for chemically modified polyvinyl alcohol materials.

(D) Manufacturing technology of biodegradable materials.

Material post-processing:

(A) Use homopolymers and copolymers for subsequent processing.

(B) Processing technology using water-soluble materials to physically blend modified materials.

(C) Biaxially oriented biodegradable biomaterial processing technology.