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15 years of industry experience, 12 years of professional production and research and development, authoritative expert team, product quality assurance, has obtained the quality control system ISO9001-2008 certifcation ISO14001-2004.

As one of the pioneers in specialty polyvinyl alcohol industry, Sunnymer has 3 manufacturing plants dedicated for resin applications and one for film applications. Sunnymer keeps maintaining constant collaborations with shareholders to ensure product stability and fulfill customized application needs.


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  • Agriculture


    Produced from polyvinyl alcohol, it is a biodegradable mulch film with controlled water solubility. The film dissolves in water and precipitates into the soil, improving soil, moisturizing, and maintaining fertilizer.

    Product 2022-07-13
  • Packaging


    The water-soluble film is a new type of packaging film developed in recent years, which is widely used in laundry beads, laundry powder packaging, chemical packaging, and other scenarios that require metering and water solubility.

    Product 2022-07-13
  • Polymerization Assistant

    Polymerization Assistant

    Apart from the suspending agents, Sunnymer offers a one-stop shop of S-PVC polymerization assistances, including anti-fouling agents, anti-foaming agents, reaction-killing agents, and corresponding technical services.

    Product 2022-07-13
  • Suspending Agent

    Suspending Agent

    The suspending agent for suspension PVC polymerization is one of the most important applications of polyvinyl alcohol.

    Product 2022-07-13