Special suspending agent for vinyl monomer polymerization

Pertex polyvinyl alcohol is specially developed for the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride. It has been used as a suspending agent for many years, and PVOH used as a suspending agent is the most advanced manufacturing technology in this field. The Pertex series suspending agent manufactured by a special process ensures viscosity stability and The high uniformity of dispersion properties ensures the balance of apparent density and oil absorption of PVC. Through the introduction of European manufacturing technology, Sindma has not only solved the demand for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride, but also applied it to the manufacture of traditional products, producing the highest level of conventional products. .

Pertex has a full line of primary and secondary suspending agents for PVC manufacturers, which can be used in all grades of PVC manufacturing.

Pertex products have high cost performance, breaking the monopoly of overseas products and ensuring the safety of the development of China’s PVC industry.

In addition to the most critical suspending agent products, Sindmar also offers anti-sticking agents, defoamers and terminators.

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