2005, Tianjin Sunnymer Suspending Agent Co., Ltd. was established. At the beginning of its establishment, the company was determined to serve the PVC field, producing anti-fouling agent Goldaf W95 and Clans NS.

2006, Tianjin Sunnymer began to distribute the PVC suspending agents for SYNTHOMER, a producer from the UK, until 2012.

2008, developed its unique polyvinyl alcohol manufacturing technology and granted corresponding patents.

2012, updated all the test instruments and established a central control system.

2012, an experimental-level device with a scale of 200 tons/year was established.

2013, technological breakthrough and production planning for PVA-based secondary suspending agents of a low degree of polymerization and hydrolysis.

2013, awarded the regional Science and Technology Little Giant corporate in China.

2014, a pilot production plant with a 2,000MT annual capacity was established and began operation.

2016, a liquid production plant with a 5,000MT annual capacity was established and began operation.

2017, breakthroughs were achieved, and patents were granted for manufacturing PVA of low melting points.

2018, awarded the national high-tech enterprise.

2018, Sunnymer (Inner Mongolia) Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and a 20,000MT partial-hydrolyzed PVA plant was built, which began operation at the end of 2021.

2021, breakthrough achieved, and patents granted for a series of PVA downstream materials.

2021, Zhenjiang Sunnymer New Materials Co., Ltd. was established.


Sunnymer is a private Chinese Company whose main sectors of activity are the research and production of chemical additives used to produce plastic materials such as: Polyvinyl